Eco Friendly

Extreme Climate

Closed Cell

Low Expansion Formula

Eliminates up to 80% of waste and clean-up over other formulas

Premium Straw Applicator

UltraSeal PF-50 comes complete with a straw applicator so there is no need to purchase a costly foam applicator gun.

Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Effectively fills gaps, holes and crevices that cause unwanted air and insect infiltration.

Extreme Climate Foam

PF-50 Straw Foam can be applied in extreme climate regions in temperatures as low as -18°C.  No more waiting until spring to spray!

Convenient Packaging and Sizing

PF-50 is available in a 24oz. can which is suitable if you are sealing many gaps; it is also available in a 12oz. can which is designed for small jobs.


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Less Waste
Extreme Climate
  • Extreme climate foam (-18°C)
  • A truly low expansion foam
  • Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air & insect infiltration
  • Helps reduce energy consumption
  • Comes complete with a straw applicator
  • Sealing around windows & doors, reducing drafts and increasing energy efficiency.
  • It is the ideal product to seal, fill, & insulate around joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, top plate penetrations, corner joints, T-joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations.
  • Sealing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, drywall, and general construction.
  • Seals out radon, drafts, gases, odors, water, dust, sound, and pests.
  • Sealing around wall outlets, sill plates, foundation walls, behind baseboards and annular spaces around floor and wall penetrations.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Prevents insect infiltration
  • UL Classified – File #R13919 Caulking & Sealants, ASTM E-84 (12.5%), Flame Spread 25 / Smoke Developed 50
  • ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential): Contains non-ozone depleting hydrocarbon propellant
  • VOC Content: Contains less than 20% by weight VOC’s
  • Size: 12oz can.
  • Case Size: 12 cans/case; 75 cases/skid.
  • Colour: Creamy yellow.
  • Part No.: 70300
  • Size: 24oz can.
  • Case Size: 12 cans/case; 64 cases/skid.
  • Colour: Creamy yellow.
  • Part No.: 70600

UltraSeal® Straw Foam is an All Weather, low expansion, one-component polyurethane foam that is UL classified and designed for use in extreme temperatures and low humidity conditions.

The PF-50 All Weather is to be used with a straw dispenser. It is ideal for general sealing of gaps, holes and crevices. UltraSeal® PF-50 All Weather is a foam system that can be used without a gun dispenser.