ECO Friendly

Extreme Climate

Closed Cell

Low Expansion Formula

Eliminates up to 80% of waste and clean-up over other formulas

High Accuracy Wand Applicator

UltraSeal PF-100 comes complete with a hose assembly and wand so there is no need to purchase a costly foam applicator gun.

Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

Effectively fills gaps, holes and crevices that cause unwanted air and insect infiltration.

High Volume Container

16lb tank has incredibly high yields compared to a standard can of gun foam.  The volume is rated at 302L of expanded foam (10.66ft³).

Convenient Packaging and Sizing

PF-100 comes in a 16lb. tank which yields 7,827 linear feet at a 1/2″ bead.  Convenient for high volume users as you do not need to constantly switch cans.


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Less Waste
Low Temperature
  • Extreme climate foam (-18°C)
  • A truly low expansion foam
  • Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air & insect infiltration
  • Helps reduce energy consumption
  • Comes complete with a hose and wand
  • Sealing around windows & doors, reducing drafts and increasing energy efficiency.
  • It is the ideal product to seal, fill, & insulate around joints, beneath base plates, mud sills, top plate penetrations, corner joints, T-joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations.
  • Sealing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, drywall, and general construction.
  • Seals out radon, drafts, gases, odors, water, dust, sound, and pests.
  • Sealing around wall outlets, sill plates, foundation walls, behind baseboards and annular spaces around floor and wall penetrations.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Prevents insect infiltration
  • UL Classified – File #R13919 Caulking & Sealants, ASTM E-84 (12.5%), Flame Spread 25 / Smoke Developed 50
  • ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential): Contains non-ozone depleting hydrocarbon propellant
  • VOC Content: 165 g/L
  • Size: 16lb. tank.
  • Case Size: 60 tanks / skid.
  • Colour: Creamy yellow.
  • 16lb = 302L (10.66 cubic feet) (theoretical)
  • Part No.: 70160 (Tank & Accessories)
    Part No.: 70161 (Tank only)
    Part No.: 70162 (Accessories Only)

UltraSeal® Tank Foam is the ideal low expansion, UL classified, one‐component polyurethane foam designed for larger general sealing of gaps, holes and crevices. UltraSeal® Tank Foam forms a superior air seal which prevents heat loss, noticeable drafts and is ideal for a variety of application areas. Lubri-Clean Foam Cleaner is a valuable tool to keep handy when dispensing foam because it will instantly dissolve uncured foam.