Quick Curing Formula

Constant Application Pressure

Remains Flexible

Low Expansion Formula

Eliminates up to 80% of waste and clean-up over other formulas

Constant Application Pressure

IPF delivers unparalleled consistent foam dispensing pressure throughout application.

IPF Performance

IPF’s European quick cure formula offers the finest cell structure, excellent adhesion and remains flexible once cured.

50% Longer Shelf Life

IPF products always exhibit longer shelf life than competitive products.

Industry Leading Trademarked Gun/Foam System

IPF’s integrated Gun/Foam System is so unique it brings gunfoaming to a new level. Our ‘IPF Foams’ and ‘IPF Eco Gun’ combine to deliver industry leading performance.


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IPF Green Gun Foam is a single component polyurethane foam used to seal around windows, doors and unwanted cracks and gaps in a building envelope. It is made from an MDl monomer, uses environmentally friendly propellant and contains a fire retardant.

CCMC Approved*, #13531-L, CAN/ ULC S710.1, Standard for Thermal Insulation – Bead Applied One-Component Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam.

  • CCMC Approved*
  • Excellent cell structure
  • Green in colour, for easy identification.
  • Ideal for low temperature and low humidity applications.
  • Excellent performance at below freezing temperatures.
  • High yield product.
  • Low pressure & low expansion.
  • 15 month shelf life.
  • Effective natural Pest Control benefits.
  • Sealing around windows & doors, reducing drafts and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Ideal to seal, insulate and draft stop around residential, commercial & industrial gaps, crevices and holes.
  • Sealing heating, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, drywall, and general construction.
  • Seals out radon, drafts, gases, odors, water, dust, sound, and pests.
  • Sealing around wall outlets, sill plates, foundation walls, behind baseboards and annular spaces around floor and wall penetrations.
  • Infused with a natural ingredient that offers an aroma that fends off all kinds of insects, without killing them.
  • Excellent adhesion properties.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 Standards.
  • Passes CAN/ULC S-102.2 & CAN/ULC S-102.1.
  • Closed cell structure reduces unwanted air & insect infiltration.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption.
  • 15 month shelf life.
  • Size: 29oz can.
  • Case Size: 12 cans/case; 64 cases/skid.
  • Part No.: IPFGR750
  • Colour: Green.