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Yes. IPF is based on propellants which are the least harmful to the ozone. It also complies with the 2008 Montreal Protocol.
Because they are all moisture cure products, aerosol don’t perform well in low humidity situations. The can should always be near room temperature and the ambient temperatures should be between -5° C and 40°C. Accessorize with a mist of water.
The actual yield is approximately 1 cubic foot per can or 735 lineal feet of 1/2″ bead. Many companies report theoretical yields which really mean nothing.
Yes. Seal around the boxes to stop drafts but don’t allow any IPF to get inside the box.
No. One part foams all cure approximately 1 1/2″ in from all directions where moisture is available. The rule of thumb is allowable thickness is size of your fist per layer. For larger or thicker areas, mist with water or allow each layer to thoroughly cure first.
When finished for the day, just screw the closure screw shut and allow gun to sit for up to 60 days. For long term shut down, flush gun thoroughly with Lubri-Clean.
IPF is a tremendous adhesive and it sticks to most substrates. Avoid getting IPF anywhere but in the cavity. Fresh foam is removable with Lubri-Clean within the first 5 minutes. To remove cured foam, wait 3 days to wear off or rub with warm soapy water and a pumice stone.
Call Rivenco Industries Ltd. @ 1-800-565-9936 and we will recommend one of our local distributors to you.
  1. Always shake can vigorously for 30 seconds prior to use.
  2. Do not over tighten can onto gun and be sure adaptor is clean at all times.
  3. Adjust closure screw and fill gun with foam after pulling trigger. Use closure screw to control bead.
  4. To keep tip clean, rub barrel on soft wood and never use sharp objects on tip or in adapter area.
  5. When not in use, always leave a can of foam(one with product in it not empty) attached to the gun with the closure screw closed.
  6. When changing cans, make sure all residual foam has been removed from adapter area with Lubri-Clean. Wet foam present will glue can to adapter and dramatically shorten the gun life.
  7. Always leave a can of IPF attached to your gun. Long term shut down flush thoroughly with Lubri-Clean.
  8. For full handling details, see Gun Training Video

Minimum temperature:

Two-Component PF Spray Kits should be applied when the ambient temperature is between 17 C. to 34 C. For best results the tank contents should be at 24 C. or warmer. PF polyurethane foam can be applied effectively in cold air temperatures or on cool work surfaces ( above freezing ) provided the contents are at least 24 C.

Since two-component foam cures chemically, it does not need moisture to cure. When mixed together, the two chemicals (polyol and isocyanate )start to react and generate heat. Depending on how thick the foam is dispensed, it can take up to a minute or two to cure. Cured foam can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

Maximum Temperature:

A pressurized container/can should never be exposed to temperatures exceeding 49 C.

Warning: The foam produced by the PF Kits is organic and combustible and may constitute a fire hazard. Do not expose foam to flame or temperatures above 116 C.

The actual yields for our PF Kits are: PF-200 = 150 board feet
PF-600 = 500 board feet (all industry standard 600 kits yield approximately 500 bd. ft.)
One board foot is 12″ x 12″ at a 1″ thickness. This can be translated into cubic feet by simply dividing board feet by 12. For example, a PF-600 is 41.5 cubic feet.
Store the PF Kits at 75 C, in a clean dry area. DO NOT STORE AT TEMPERATURES ABOVE 49 C. Avoid prolonged storage in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Store a partially used kit with the safety ON and valves CLOSED. Remove used nozzle, reapply petroleum jelly to face of dispenser, and reinsert the nozzle prior to storing. Do not bleed pressure off hoses during storage.
Yes the PF-200 and the PF-600 can be reused; after using the PF-200 or PF-600 Kits, the tank valves should be closed. Remove the nozzle from the gun and apply petroleum jelly into the face of the gun. Reinsert the used nozzle back into the gun to block air from getting inside the gun (the A chemical is moisture sensitive). This should make the kit reusable for up to 2 weeks. When the Kit is ready to be reused, remove the old nozzle from the gun and insert the new nozzle. NEVER reuse the spent nozzle (that has had chemical previously sprayed through it). The chemical will backfire into the gun. This will cause the chemical to set up in the hose, causing the entire gun hose assembly useless.
Yes, the canister can be recycled as long as the canister is de-pressurized and completely emptied of its chemical contents. You must punch a hole in the relief plug.
Yes it can. The structure of two-component PF foam is closed cell, which makes it water resistant. PF foam will float in water just the same as a paddleboard or buoy.
CAUTION: When filling a high volume of foam such as a drum, the PF foam can get as hot as 2000 °F. Wait for the container to cool down before touching the filled drum.
Polyurethane foams are very sensitive to UV light. Exposure to UV (even indirect sunlight) will cause the foam to darken to an orange or reddish colour in a matter of days or weeks. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will eventually cause the foam to break down and crumble apart. the foam must be painted or coated with UV resistant coating if used outdoors.
PF-Kits may be used to fill cavities in trees. As with all outside applications, the foam should be coated to protect it from UV and water exposure.
The PF Kits can be used inside an open or enclosed mold. A good general mold release for polyurethane foams is paste wax or teflon.
PF Foam does not contain organic solvents that will dissolve Styrofoam or other plastics. Foams bond permanently to all commercially available plastics except for Teflon and lubristic polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene.
Yes. The foam should not be exposed to sunlight (UV) or it will break down over time. Coating or painting the foam will protect it from UV degradation. Typically the foam is not harmful to fish or other animals, but specific testing in this area has not been done by Rivenco.
It depends. The quick cure PF Kits expands with a lot of force and since the installer cannot see how much foam is injected the expanded foam can “blow out” the wall. It is recommended that foam be applied from the bottom up. “Breather holes” every 6″ are recommended to reduce foam pressure.
The UltraSeal 2-component foams have been approved by CCMC…
CCMC Approved, # 13520-L
(CAN/ULC-S711.2-05, Standard for Thermal Insulation – Bead-Applied Two-Component Polyurethane Air Sealant Foam)
Disclaimer: Rivenco Industries Limited has not done any testing to determine suitability of PF Kits for this application and cannot guarantee results. Use a PF Kit at your own risk.
PF Kits are commonly used in this application to fill a void under a tub to stop flexing, provide structural support, insulate and reduce vibration. However, installers should be aware that the foam will expand 3 to 5 times and will exert a lot of pressure on the tub. Use a brace to secure the tub/spa or fill the tub with water to add weight to keep the tub in place when foaming.
Yes, PF Kits are commonly used in the entertainment industry to build props. The foam is paintable and can be cut and shaped when hardened.
Cured PF Foam itself is NOT flammable, but it is combustible. The foam will burn if exposed to sparks or flames, and it will present a fire hazard if exposed to temperatures above 240°F. See Fire Rating Issues.
Yes, the E-84 Class 1 Foam is Fire Rated. However, it is organic and thus combustible. The urethane foam produced from these ingredients will support combustion and may present a fire hazard if exposed to a fire or excessive heat above 240°F / 116°C.
Since local regulations vary, it is best to contact your local waste disposal facility to inquire about disposal of pressurized aerosol cans. Rivenco Industries Limited is not licensed to receive hazardous waste and therefore cannot take back used canisters. If you have additional questions call Rivenco Industries Limited at 1-800-565-9936.
Yes, for additional information call 1-800-565-9936.
Disclaimer: The use of PF Kits may be restrictive or prohibited in certain areas by local building codes covering the use of cellular plastics. ALWAYS check local code(s) before using the product.
Warning: The foam produced by PF Kits is organic and combustible and may constitute a fire hazard. Do not expose foam to flame or temperatures above 240’F (116’C).
Always read PF Kit operating instruction and Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

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